The Mental Fitness Challenge Continues

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Leadership, Success
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Mental Fitness ChallengeThe best way I can describe the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is to compare it to an energy drink that gives you that jolt in the morning that wakes you up, only the MFC gives your mind the mental jolt needed to be successful in all areas of your life.

I’ve gone through the first module of life changing information multiple times – it is that good. I’m also aware that it is the repetition of good, even world-class, information that we put into our heads that will give us the mental attitude needed to achieve success in our future.

The information in the Mental Fitness Challenge is the same type of information provided by top leadership gurus such as Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady in their LIFE and LLR success training series. After being on those subscriptions since the company launched in November, I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my attitude and my thinking. The difference here with the MFC is that you get all the best principles condensed into a 90 day program. It’s boot camp for your brain!

I’ve developed the mental toughness needed to start my physical training again, to go out looking for others who want to achieve a new level of success in their life, and to keep myself accountable in improving my life and thus the lives of those I associate with.

It starts with developing good habits. Bad habits, those that are usually fun to do but which don’t get us anywhere in life, are easy to start yet very hard to break. Good habits are very hard to start, and very easy to break. Do you have any habits you consider are bad, that you are having a tough time stopping? Do you have any things you want to start doing that you know would improve your situation, but are always making excuses why you don’t need to do it, or you are always telling yourself  it can be done later? I’m willing to bet on ‘yes’ on both accounts. I think even the best of us would have to admit it.

The MFC, after only 15 days has provided me with the mental toughness needed to keep with the good ones, and has helped subdue the bad. By day 90, I’m sure I will have those bad ones firmly trampled under my feet! It has really helped me see the path needed to progress from good to great in all areas of my LIFE!

One of the other great parts of the MFC, I experienced last night, with the Challenge Groups. I got together with a bunch of other people to talk about the first resolution in Orrin Woodward’s book ‘Resolved’. The ideas of that resolution is to define your purpose in life. What are you so passionate about, that you will grow where needed to achieve success? The challenge groups is a great way to show what communities can do together, and it is a fun way to discuss success principles with those around you. Knowing how important it is to associate with people who are either heading in the direction of where you want to be in life, or who have already arrived, I feel so privileged to be able to take part in these sessions.

It’s time to live the life I’ve always wanted

Have you joined the bandwagon of success? Have you accepted the challenge to improve your life?

  1. Shawn Szalai says:

    Association is such a powerful yet under used tool that all of us have access to. Being with the challenge group last night really opened my eyes to the fact that everyone has something to add that will improve my life. They say you learn something new everyday, but i think that the mental fitness challenge groups will increase how much you learn each day exponentially!

    Great article Lee, keep up the great work!

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