I was born free and I intend to live like it.
This means that I will live my life while I’m alive.
No one owns me.
No one can put me in a box, a category, a social group, a voting bloc, or a classification.
I am fiercely independent,
and with those aligned with me in common purpose, interdependent.
 I know that with my freedom comes responsibility.
I take responsibility for my own actions, and I hold the bar high on myself.
I am not afraid to struggle, because it’s the struggle that makes me great.
I know that excellence always lies on the other side of inconvenience.
I am a learning machine.
I read, I confront brutal reality, I grow.
Long term, no one and nothing can defeat me, because I will keep coming back, stronger and better than before.
I will educate myself about the true principles of freedom,
and I will strive mightily to preserve freedom for the next generation.
I rely on no man and no government to provide for me.
I will not follow the herd of mediocrity and victim-thinking.
I don’t follow herds, instead I run with a pack – a pack of Rascals.
Let others bask in their privileges, as for me, I will invest them in my purpose.
I will defy tyranny.
I will charge the hill.
I will make a difference.
I’m a Rascal!


Chris Brady has an awesome book called Rascal – Making a difference by becoming an original character. This is an amazing leadership book that teaches you what it takes to succeed; be different, and don’t follow the herd of people trying be like everyone else. If the average person is not heading towards the results you want in life, it might be wise to head the other way. The book had this awesome manifesto (a minor difference to suit my own life), which I just had to share, and that I urge you to follow yourself.

Click here for Chris Brady’s original Rascal Manifesto

  1. Hey Lee!! you are a rascal!!!!

  2. Keith Whitaker says:

    Thanks for the post Lee,
    This is how I intend on living the rest of my life, like a Rascial! Thanks to the Founders of LIFE/TEAM for this and many many other tools for us to live the life we’ve always wanted!

    Thanks again,
    Keith & Tracie Whitaker
    “LIFE is Life – Fight for it”

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