First of many dreams to come true!

Posted: September 9, 2016 in Fun, Success
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A while ago I made a list of my top 100 goals and dreams, explaining the importance of keeping your focus on your dreams in order to accomplish them.

Last Sunday, one of those dreams came true!

I almost feel guilty, as I don’t believe I did the necessary work that I planned to in order to accomplish it – but if anything that makes the following saying even more true; you get what you focus on.

Anytime I’m talking to people about dreams, I always give an example of some of mine; and I ALWAYS talk about wanting to go to a sandcastle competition. It may not have been my biggest dream, but the pictures I’ve seen of them looked so cool that I had to show them to other people!

I’m visiting my uncle in Los Angeles with some of my family, and when we were trying to decide what to do when we were here, it was one of the first things I thought of; Which just makes sense since I talked about it all the time. I searched to see if there was any in Los Angeles, but no, it wasn’t going to be that easy. I wasn’t going to limit myself to the city of Los Angeles however, and found one only couple hours away in San Diego!

It was taking place the weekend I was flying in so no resting for me! I didn’t care if I was going alone… I was going to that competition! After seeing the pictures (along with the fact that my brother wanted to visit the San Diego zoo), we were all on board

The opening exhibit

One of the cool things about showing up on the Sunday like we did, is that we not only got to see the finished ones from the individual competition, but some in progress for the team competition.

It gave me the opportunity to listen to one of the guys as they were building it, and finding a little bit about how its done. For those of you who thought they must be cheating in some way, that there is no way they build things this with beach sand, that is true. They have to get special sand for it that is 3-5 percent clay.

Here are some of the works in progress.






And then we came to the completed ones,







And even one done by someone from Montreal!


Here is the one that came in 2nd place


Here is the winning sand sculpture


And of course what I though were the coolest ones, with me in them!



Can’t forget about the advertisements!




After the sand castles, we went to the San Diego zoo because my brother wanted to go there… and it would have been on my list if I had known about it! It was HUGE. We had to cheat a little and use the tour bus to get to a certain area since everyone was tired of walking… but I still got over 20000 steps there according to my phone!

It’s time to revise my dreams and goals list. Expect a new one in the coming month!

One change is sure though. Although I crossed an item off my list, it is being replaced by another more ambitious one; to go the biggest sand castle competitions in the world.

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