Top 100 Goals & Dreams

One of the things I’ve learned about success from all the reading I’ve been doing is the importance of thinking big, setting goals, and programming your subconscious mind. One of the ways I’m doing that is by creating a list of some of the accomplishments I plan on achieving, including some BIG ones.

Napoleon Hill, in ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said “What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”. In the ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ David Schwartz goes into the importance of having big goals, of constantly telling yourself that you can achieve them and that you will achieve them. He goes into the concept of having two different voices in your mind, the negative – which tells you why you can’t do something, and the positive, which will tell you how you can. It’s up to us to decide which one we are going to listen to. Whichever we start concentrating on will be the one we hear. It’s time to start talking to ourselves about something positive instead of listening to our negative.

Orrin Woodward, in ‘Resolved’, gives really good examples of the programming of the subconscious mind when talking about how TV commercials affect us. When we see commercials over and over again, it is essentially brainwashing us to think of those products when we are out shopping. we can remember theme songs from shows that haven’t played on TV for years, and probably some tag lines from really old commercials. By having some big goals, we can essentially brainwash ourselves to achieving them.

What all the really successful people say, is that you have to envision your goals in your mind over and over again if we are to achieve them. Creating this list is not going to be enough, but it is a start. The next step will be to play a commercial in my mind over and over again of what it will be like achieving them. For example, one of the things on my list is to be earning enough money to leave by job and not work again, so I’ve written out what my last day at work will be like, and I think about it when I wake up, and when I go to bed.

By picturing the achievement over and over again in your mind, you will start making decisions that will eventually lead you to your goal

This list is about long term thinking. I will not add those things I want to do, but haven’t done yet, if I could easily go do it tomorrow if I chose to. Everything on my list had to require some kind of work or effort on my part. They will all take time and/or money (hence one of the items being to earn enough money in a business to no longer need to work)

It was important to make some of these goals BIG. If we only set small goals, we will probably only achieve small goals.

So here it is, finally in some semblance of order 🙂

  1. Find that special girl (yes, still single – see why here!)
  2. Leave my job (without needing another!)
  3. Have kids
  4. Pay it forward with something big 3 times, like in the movie – but with things or services worth at least $10000
  5. Start a school that teaches kids how to live a successful life, teaches people skills, and teaches them to think for themselves; instead of to not take chances, and only how to be an employee of someone else’s successful life
  6. Help someone else earn enough money to no longer need a job
  7. Get to the point of earning $1 million a year (in 2012 dollars!!)
  8. Mentor someone into helping someone else get their time back (leave their job)
  9. Help someone through a difficult situation in their life
  10. Get a cottage out in the woods by a lake. Have a zip line or Tarzan rope over the water
  11. Write a book (will probably be a mix of both freedom and leadership principles, with some economics of course)
  12. Influence politics enough to reverse the state of decline in my country – start giving freedoms back instead of taking them away, start raising our standard of living instead of forcing its decline.
  13. Own my dream house (haven’t decided all the attributes yet…)


  1. Donate $1 million to finding a cure for diabetes (this is self serving, so it doesn’t count as charity)
  2. Donate $1 million to different charities (over time)
  3. Be a recognized economist
  4. Go to space (it will be happening by the time I can afford it!)
Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic

  1. Buy an Island, or own piece of one with friends
  2. Speak on a stage in front of thousands of people – and be comfortable with it!
  3. Be in a movie
  4. Go on the Oasis of the Seas Cruise


  1. Get in shape!
  2. Own a yacht
  3. Bring my parents on (a) cruise(s) [() because they are divorced]
  4. Vacation in Maui
  5. Own a Tesla Model S
  6. Spend a week with my girlfriend on a yacht, out at sea (get to really know each other… and be on a yacht!)
  7. Host/Sponsor a family reunion in Hawaii for a week
  8. Vacation in the Maldives Resort
  9. Vacation in Bora Bora
bora bora

bora bora

  1. Get an archery range in my back yard (when I have a house or cottage)
  2. Learn a martial art
  3. Learn to sword fight
  4. Ride the top 10 craziest Roller-coasters in the world
Roller Coaster

Intimidator, Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia

  1. Own a Lamborghini …the real dream car
  2. Get an Air Hockey table (big one!)
  3. Own a Nissan GTR (this will be a baby step towards my real dream car a few years later)
  4. Learn to play guitar
  5. Go see Nightwish in Finland (hopefully with the orchestra being live!)
  6. Attend all the final games in the world cup of hockey (and all other Canadian games)
  7. Watch Olympic hockey live – all the medal rounds!
  8. Visit my family in Calgary
  9. Get one my favourite groups to play at a celebration of mine (birthday, retirement, etc) – preferably Nightwish
  10. Get elected into parliament with a party I can support (will need to start a new one if it doesn’t first appear…)
  11. Rent a castle with a bunch of friends and hang out for the weekend
  12. Vacation in Las Vegas for one month (spent two days there – twice… 1 month might not even be enough!)
  13. Travel across Europe – without a car
  14. Vacation in Carcassonne, France


  1. Vacation in Finland (spend a month)
  2. Go to the Ludwig von Mises Institute and take a course in person
  3. Vacation in London, England
  4. Bowl a perfect 300 game (in a regular game!)
300 in strike 9 tournament

got it in a strike 9 tournament (the NTs you see in the picture were really 9s)

  1. Get my bowling average above 200 for a season
  2. Go scuba diving (especially the Great Barrier Reef!)
  3. Go surfing (and learn how!)
  4. Take a ride on a fighter jet
  5. Go skydiving
  6. Go jet skiing
  7. Play in the WSOP championship (final round)
  8. Drive a race car (on a race track)
  9. Drive on the Autobahn ( I like to speed…)
  10. Visit 10 medieval castles
  11. Vacation in Paris, France
  12. Travel across Australia
  13. Vacation in Japan (spend a month)
  14. Go see a sandcastle competition (Completed on September 4th, 2016)


  1. Vacation in Venice, Italy
  2. Vacation in Rome, Italy
  3. Get a motorcycle (ride one first!)
  4. Learn to Kayak
  5. Swim with dolphins (this will happen on my Oasis of the seas cruise!)
  6. Go to a BIG medieval fair
  7. Sponsor the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz finals, providing some REALLY nice prizes
  8. Read 500 books on leadership and personal development
Picture of Books

What I’ve read, what I’m reading, and what’s on my list

  1. Learn how to ski … I’ve skied before, but I want to do it while knowing what I’m doing
  2. Spend the whole Olympic Games at the winter Olympics.
  3. Explore the ocean on a submarine
  4. Go camping for a month with friends… will require #2 first I think
  5. Vacation in Norway
  6. Complete an authentic medieval knight Halloween costume (got the chain mail shirt and coif, sword and bracers already, though I would like better quality)
funny bowling in armor

If you haven’t done it before… don’t – you’ll get a lot of gutter balls 🙂

  1. Get to the finals in a huge board game competition (I’ve done it in the Great Canadian Board Game Blitz)
  2. Own 100 board games (that I like to play!)
  3. Build a Calvin & Hobbes style snowman scene
Calvin and Hobbes

and of course.. I’ll probably do the bowling one

  1. Take bowling lessons from a professional
  2. Learn how to play golf
  3. See a volcano
  4. Go on a cruise across the Atlantic
  5. Go on a helicopter ride
  6. Go bungee jumping
  7. Go hand gliding
  8. Go to a celebration in a limousine (will be part of #4)
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon
  10. Drive from the 19th hole at the Legends Gold and Safari resort in South Africa
Legends Resort

19th hole, 400 meters below the tee

  1. Go bobsledding
  2. Go on a Safari
  3. Go down one of the worlds longest zip lines
  4. Go horseback riding again, as an adult (learn how first!)
  5. Go to Lego land
  6. Fly on a Global Express
  7. Get 1000 followers on my blog (feel free to help!)

So there you have it. I can promise you one thing about this list. As time goes on, I’m sure some of these will change as somethings become more important to me than others.. for example, when I have kids, I’m sure I’ll add bringing them to Disneyland on this list. And when I accomplish #1, It will be more important for me to do things with her, that she wants to accomplish. When you make your list, don’t be afraid to make some changes. And never let everything on your list be accomplished. What I mean by that is, as you start accomplishing things, cross it off and add something else on your list to strive for; always have something to look forward to over the next horizon!

I hope this encourages you to start a list of your own if you haven’t already done so, and maybe even give you some ideas. Do you have anything crazy I didn’t include here? let me know, maybe I’ll change the list sooner than I thought!

  1. Tickateeboo says:


    I was about to say ‘like the dream house – made it in sims the other day’ and then I saw your Nightwish goal. HAVE to see them in Helsinki…if only they were followed by the Leningrad Cowboys!

    • Lee Weishar says:

      thanks! can’t say I ever heard of the Leningrad Cowboys.. but now I’ll have to check them out 🙂

      • Herma P. says:

        What do you think if my life long goal is to open a “Children Home”

        • Lee Weishar says:

          If its something that your passionate about, then I think its a fantastic goal. I think combining something that your really passionate about and something that involves helping others to be the best kind of goals.

          When you’re doing something that helps people and that makes a difference in society, it becomes much easier to get others on board to helping you achieve your goals. You also feel much better doing it than if you were to just have a material goal, because what your doing matters!

          • This list above is impressive. I hope to comeback to it. I wonder what it would be like to spend a month in Japan. Many of these goals are inspiring. Giving back by mentoring someone. Serving others, using one’s passion seems extremely liberating. This list goes beyond the essential needs, that we must step back, to reexamine what we stand for, but how to move forward in a more positive manner.

  2. 5 10 13 17 18 19 20 22 86 87 91 96 99 (I think they still don’t allow people to complete the great wall–they didn’t during the time I went there^^) 100 ———-ahh too much awesome stuff. I hope you’ll be able to achieve them all 🙂

  3. Malcolm says:

    thanks for useful recommendations and basically fantastic information Malcolm

  4. Rickie says:

    Study it, liked it, many thanks for it Rickie

  5. Hi,

    Just imagine what would happen with the economy if everyone else realized the same 100 goals you listed here. This is the no-work, but best life scheme….You also list many good deeds ( donate a million etc..) but basically you want to suck the blood out of the system, let everybody else do the real work but still want to feel yourself a good person because you donated back one million ( after you sucked out ten ) wow.
    If you are an economist, you understand that You are the problem with the world.

    • Lee Weishar says:

      Thanks for the comment, but I’m not sure if I understand where you’re coming from when you said I would suck the life blood out of the system.

      I don’t believe I would because the way I’m going to reach my goals is to put life back into the system; helping people live more successful lives and raising their standard of living. If peoples standard of living is raised, by not lowering anyone else’s, I’m not sure what is being lost – only gained.

      I see what you mean by what would happen if everyone had a lifestyle where they didn’t do any work – that would indeed be terrible. thankfully this isn’t about getting the government to print money for everyone where no one has to produce anymore.

      These are my goals however, which I’ll get by working very hard. they are not everyone’s goals though. Even if they were, I’ve found that due to Sturgeon’s Law (, only about 10% would do what it takes to achieve them, so we don’t have to worry 🙂

    • Leonard Waks says:

      Perhaps a bit harsh, but I agree with the sentiment. This is not thinking big. It’s thinking like a narcissist. A satisfying life cannot be built out of a bucket list of personal pleasures. It can only, in my view (based on extensive reading and considerable achievement in my 75 years), be based on ever-expanding mastery in some field of endeavor closely associated with the good of others. Getting better and better as a doctor, a teacher, a philanthropist, a minister, an artist, writer or musician, a journalist, an entrepreneur in a socially responsible form that provides useful products or services and useful employment – all of these are great lifetime goals because they keep growing throughout an entire lifetime.

      The cruise, the huge bankroll, the glamorous girlfriend .. they are not going to cut it. Becoming a great economist is closer to the mark – but only if you want to do this to advance economics in creative and deep ways, not if you simply want to confirm individualist right wing (or socialist left wing) fantasies.

  6. wonderful goals i certify u that u are an economist i think 1 goal is achieved

  7. Clementia says:

    How far are you with your list, Lee?

    • Lee Weishar says:

      Having set goals that I knew I would not be in position to hit right away, I feel I’m MUCH closer than I was a year ago.

      Things are starting to fall into place where I can see myself hitting a bunch at the same in a year or two.. with many more in the next 5 years 🙂

  8. ShadiaB says:

    That’s a lot of very ambitious goals and I look forward to seeing follow up posts once they are achieved! I’ve been using a social media site called where we can write our goals down and get advise on like-minded people on how we can achieve them… check it out!

    One of my goals is also to visit Japan so would love to hear your feedback on that once it’s achieved…

  9. Shannon Schooley says:

    I like your goals, but it seems to be more of a “bucket list”. I’m not qualified to know the difference. Bora Bora is beautiful!

    • Lee Weishar says:

      It is kind of like a bucket list, I just don’t like to call it that. To me a bucket list is things you want to accomplish before you die.. My list is things I want to do as soon as possible. It a small distinction, but it is there in my mind 🙂

  10. Having a well built and vanished house is another dream one can have.

  11. Jennifer says:

    This is a really good list! I am will to help with Number 6! Lol I work with a wellness company and I’m working on building my clients. Feel free to email me if interested in hearing more about it!

  12. kaitlyn says:

    this actually helped me with my home work

  13. Followed you just to help out with your final goal! Thanks for the content 🙂

  14. TP-goals says:

    Hattilia grow up…..or at least smarten up. Lee is doing what the whole population should be doing. Living his own life and inspiring others to join in their own journey.

    Well done Lee im on my own journey all the best bud.

  15. Nick says:

    I went on oasis of the seas Best time ever!!!

  16. Savi says:

    Wow…. Inch pinch for many of them!
    Hope you accomplish all your dreams..

  17. Herma P says:

    It is something that I have been working on since before high school. I also choose a career just to gain enough experience before starting it. Now, I’m taking some classes and working on a plan to begin my goal.

  18. Mike Akinwola says:

    It’s touching. How can i meet some business personels to talk in person?

    • Lee Weishar says:

      Depends on whether or not you have a specific person in mind. if you are talking about business people in general, I would suggest networking events that they would attend would attend.

  19. Kendra says:

    Reading this was awesome. So inspiring- thank you Lee for sharing.
    Writing down a list of goals gives you something/ lots of thing to always work towards and look forward to. When work gets tough, read your list and let it re-motivate you.
    I really like this idea!

  20. Prakadita says:

    Hi Lee.. Thanks for inspiring dream list. How i can make a dreams come true? Add the deadline or some plan B ?

    • Lee Weishar says:

      look for opportunities that will allow you to do what it takes to achieve them. most people are so busy knocking opportunities, that they can’t see opportunity knocking. They are out there. Personally I use Life Leadership – as you can probably guess 🙂

  21. Sarah says:

    Well its nice to know there is guys left in the world like me! Your awesome!

  22. Francisco says:

    Wow this is really usefull to me ill be giving a speech on dreams and goals to a youth group at a retreat and i just want to thank u for sharing this piece of knowledge i think its a really good way to grow and a great plan to better yourself

    • Lee Weishar says:

      I’m happy to heat that. With what you are doing, you might be interested in the post I did on the book ‘Pails’ as it is about figuring out what to do in your life.

  23. I’d be more than happy to help with #38 Learn to play guitar.

  24. Rabih Kassar says:

    I just read Goals and dreams and i was amazed!! you’re an awesome person.
    I wish i can become a person like you are , but honestly i don’t know how to start or where to start and life is not an easy game

    • Lee Weishar says:

      Thanks Rabih!

      Yes, life is not an easy game, but it is a game we can all win at. 🙂

      Start with reading the magic of thinking big. That is the book that really got me started. from there I just plugged into the Life Leadership organization and it is helping me do the rest. Their Financial education and personal development system is incredible!

      If you’re interested you can check it out here:

      • Varsha says:

        Seems it’s been more than 3 years since the article is written.
        I hit this site today. Nevertheless, you have a great list of goals.
        I found some of those crazy, but that’s how it has to be.
        I would like to know how far have you reached on the accomplishment on the scale of 1 to 10?
        Thank you

        • Lee Weishar says:

          It’s really hard to say without actually achieving it. there I would say maybe 4 or 5 on 10… but I haven’t actually accomplished any yet.

          I though I did at one point, and even deleted #1, but it was not the case 🙂

          a few of them I CAN do now, but choose not to, in order to motivate me to be able to more 🙂

  25. jen says:

    this really help me thanks!!!

  26. heinrich says:

    Excellent advice thanks alot.

  27. Amaya pallotta says:

    Hello! I love your list! 😊 I was really interested in number 5 actually… i really do believe that we need a school or system that does just that. I am about to graduate high school and i am terrified… i honestly have no idea what to expect. The “real world” scares tme. Do you have any tips for me and how i could be successful for myself? Thank you! 😊

    • Lee Weishar says:

      I don’t know where you come from, or what the school system is like there, but the answer should be the same. don’t stop learning. An investment in knowledge always pays the best and no one can take it away from you.

      Here (north america), the school system doesn’t teach anything about life. it only teaches what we need to know to get a job. I would suggest getting on a subscription to leadership/success education – which you can get on by clicking on the life leadership logo (I’m obviously biased, but its what I use).

      you can also click on the rascal radio link and try that out for free for 7 days. Learn from something though – some program where those with success will teach what they know to help you be successful yourself. Just don’t take advice from people who don’t have the results you want; or you will end up with the same results as they have 🙂

      If you have more questions about anything, feel free to send me an email and I’ll gladly help.
      Good luck!


  28. Madhusudan Tripathy says:

    This is the way to live life and enjoy by complete these goals.
    Thank You 👍

  29. Nina says:

    Have you found your special girl yet?

    • Lee Weishar says:

      nope. I had crossed number one off the list at one point, but had to add it back it on. The search has been used for some interesting speech material though 🙂

  30. buck bob says:

    pretty good stuff your inspiring to me

  31. buck bob says:

    this stuff sucks.

  32. Bhagwat rajput says:


  33. In doing research about goals people have I came accross your blog and I must say I absolutely love your list! It is always nice to find like-minded people, I have subscribed to your blog 🙂

  34. lysseliz says:

    All of these goals and dreams inspired me a lot, to be honest I don’t even know mine. Your post provide an inspiration and now I know what I want to do or what I truly want to have in my life. Although a stranger, I just want you to know it helped ease my depression! Thank you!

  35. kemzie marie says:

    i l❤︎ve your g❤︎als did y❤︎u ever think ab❤︎ut g❤︎ing t❤︎ save kids in need in africa or Mexic❤︎ thats what i want t❤︎ g❤︎ and help the pe❤︎ple wh❤︎ d❤︎nt have g❤︎❤︎d water that the water makes them sick and give the p❤︎❤︎r kids a h❤︎use and a family. thats my #1 g❤︎al in my life d❤︎ y❤︎u want t❤︎ d❤︎ that!?❤︎ 💋💘💞

  36. kemzie marie says:

    did you start you own website>im new on here>i got here because i looked up peoples goals in life and this poped up i love this website i will make sure i come back for sure.bye>for now

    • Lee Weishar says:

      Yes, I started it to help people with the information I share. There is so much bad information out there that we need as many people proving good and positive information as possible 🙂

  37. Alethia Washington says:

    I’m excited to get started on my list!

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