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Want to attend the Laws of Success events for free? Become a member or customer of the community! Subscriptions available for as low as $15.60 per month (no commitments)

By following this link, you can enroll as a customer, and have access to an incredible array of products designed to help you have success in your financial lifepersonal life, and success in your professional life.

The most beneficial and cost effective item is our Total Personal Development program, where you have access to an online personal development radio station, videos, a leadership platform where big principles are made simple, a language learning program and a sales training program. an immense value, where each individual part is worth the price of the whole thing! Click on the image to learn more!


Our employers invest in us, in order to get a return on their investment. If we want to get a bigger return of our own, its time to take the same steps and invest in ourselves.

Another option is our Rascal Radio subscription, which although is included in the Total Personal Development program, is available on it own. Click on the image to learn more about it.

Rascal Radio

For those who want to move up the corporate ladder, be a better leader in the position they already have, or who have their own business, we have our professional training program, Launching a Leadership Revolution, consisting of a book and 4 CDs per month. Click on the link for more information.


For those who are looking more a financial education, to escape the Financial Matrix, we have Financial Fitness Services. This consists of saving money, tracking what you spend, protecting yourself from identity theft, credit monitoring, online safety, and legal services. This another one of our big subscriptions, where each individual item is worth the price of the whole thing!


There are many other subscriptions available, from an audio per month on Freedom, Finances, or Success for teenagers

You can even purchase GOLD (real, physical, GOLD)


For membership info, please contact Lee Weishar for the specifics; It involves joining a community of people out to make a difference in society, primarily by helping people out of the Financial Matrix.

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