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life app

It’s finally here! After a few months of beta testing in the United-States with amazing results, it finally in Canada too!

Life Leadership, the company behind an amazing platform of leadership and financial education has partnered with a payment system company to offer even MORE financial goodies. and the best part is, this one is FREE!

That’s right, it now has a payment app, like Google pay or Apple pay, but with a great twist; it not only lets you pay for stuff you buy anyways with your phone, but because of how this helps merchants avoid fees and provides more security and loyal customers, it gives you money back… IMMEDIATELY!

Click this link to download the app now.

Want to know how it works? watch this video

And for an even more detailed short video of the process, watch this video

What makes this app even crazier, almost too good to be true, is how in addition to the immediate cash back, you can get free crypto-currency on top of that!

Life Leadership has developed its own virtual currency called dibs. When you pay with the cash in your e-wallet (where the cash-back goes, which you can also load from  your bank account) you get dibs on top of the cashback. These dibs can be kept, changed for cash, or changed to bitcoin through Coinbase.

To see how this part works, check out this video.

Just look at some of the big merchants we are working with so far, and this is only a small portion of them (And the list keeps growing!)


Note: You may not see the merchant on the app yet, even if shown in the image above. Don’t worry, This app is new to brand new to Canada, and agreements with the Canadian counterparts are in progress

Now since I know this sounds too good to be true (it still does to me!) let me explain why it makes sense for the merchants to give the discounts, and for Life Leadership to give the dibs.

it’s a win-win-win relationship.

The merchants win for a few reasons.
  1. They pay less fees. When you consider the transactions costs for debit and credit, it’s a lot!
  2. It is a more secure mode of payment for them. Since a credit card is not being used directly with them (if at all) there is no risk of a stolen card being used that requires them to give back the money (but not the goods that are already long gone)
  3. They gain loyal customers. This is where the Life community’s power comes to play, and the more people we have using the app, the more discounts, and bigger discount we will get.
For the Customers, they win in some big ways too… obviously 🙂
  1. They get cash back. period. that should be enough I think… but it’s just number 1
  2. They get dibs, easily convertible to more cash or bitcoin – all for free
  3. MUCH more secure method of payment. Think of all the credit card information stolen from merchants, whose business is to sell products and not store your information securely. Now we have a company who’s main business involves doing just that.
  4. easy to use. Even my mother can use it now that she has a cell phone 🙂
For Life Leadership, you may wonder how they win by giving away free crypto-currency.
  1. They get a small amount from the merchants too.
  2. Their purpose is not to make money, but to change the world; to help others get out of the financial matrix and prosper. Part of this involves bringing crypto-currency to mass market adoption, and this is step one; Having a simple easy to use app that allows the crypto-currency to be traded seamlessly, used by millions and accepted by hundreds of thousands… at least in the beginning 🙂

If you haven’t done so already, download the app now.

Share it with friends and family. The more people that are using it, the more cashback we all get!

P.S. Life Leadership is also paying people to promote this app (one of the main reasons for me writing an article about it 🙂 ) If you would like to know more about how this works, please send me an email with your contact information, or join here.