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Last weekend I attended one the 3 LIFE winter leadership conventions, and thought it was one of the best ever. One of the best talks was given by Wayne MacNamarawho was recognized for achieving the rank of LIFE Policy Council Member. This is a very significant achievement – showing he has developed many teams of growing leaders. He achieved this through learning and applying the information gained through the LIFE materials and training system. Starting as a welder going nowhere, he now leads thousands of people in his organization. What I found really significant in his story was his level of leadership after the first 5 years. He still wasn’t making much money, but instead of quitting he continued his journey on to riches.

This made the best teaching talks all the more significant. The most significant of which was given by Chris Brady in my opinion.

He listed the top 10 BAD reasons to quit something. I wish I was able to write fast enough to get everything, but all I managed to write down were the reasons themselves since the talk was so good.

I’ll list the reason he gave, and fill in the blanks from my knowledge and interpretations of everything I’ve learned up to now. Chris was talking about how people don’t just all of sudden get up and quit something, but that it happens gradually, following a progression. The key to not quitting is to recognize the different thoughts that cause us to quit and to guard against it. (more…)


A comment made on my Rascal Manifesto post led me to find a few other gems out there, and I just had to share them as well. Here is the first: I am an Entrepreneur Manifesto – and it’s available to purchase as a poster at

Most things you see in movies are complete fiction, but every so often there are messages in them that are true and should be taken to heart. Below is collection of some inspirational movie clips that contain truth in what it takes to be successful in life. I’ll discuss what is true about them, and end with an actual speech not from a movie, but is so good that it needs to be viewed over and over again!

Scene from the Pursuit of Happiness

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In this scene, Will Smith’s character is telling his son about holding on to your dream. We all have dreams in our lives, but to be successful you must pursue those dreams with everything you have. You will have obstacles, and you will have critics. No one who ever achieved anything great did it without being criticized in the process, it’s part of the price of success. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.