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Quebec tuition hike protestAre the students who are ‘striking’ in Quebec right or wrong in demanding to not have to pay more for school?  With everything that has happened, it is not really important who is right on that topic. What is important to understand is the actions of the students; what it does to individuals and how it infringes upon their freedoms.

If your interested in who is right when it comes to the tuition increases, There is a lot of information available on those ideas through the Austrian school of economics, and so I will not bring up those ideas here.

Regardless of whether or not the students or taxpayers should pay, their actions are wrong. The idea of a strike with today’s laws, goes against the freedom of individuals in society.


Unions Should not be BannedLego Empire Union Meeting

Many people feel that due to the powerful and coercive nature of unions, they should be banned. Others think that at the very least there should be laws limiting the more harmful behaviour of unions as many of these concerns are valid. People are worried about high unemployment, rising prices, falling standard of living, unfair working conditions, etc. Taking away people’s freedom to assemble does not seem to be the proper solution. Sure it will alleviate some of the problems, but it does not get to the root of the problem: lack of freedom.

Far too often a law made to reduce a given social or economic ill will have worse consequences then the problem it was meant to fix. Legislators will in turn pass new laws to solve these new problems only aiding in worsening the situation. It is a vicious circle. We should address the root of the union problem, rather than tackle its consequences. If there are harmful socio-economic effects coming from unions, we should be looking at removing existing laws, not putting new band aids in place.